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17 January 2014 - Statement of Solidarity

  • Posted on: 15 February 2014
  • By: SfB.Website
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The West Virginia Chemical Spill: 
Solidarity from the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal

The International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal, North America (ICJB-NA) expresses solidarity with the communities of West Virginia that are facing a toxic nightmare. The Freedom Industries chemical spill and the Union Carbide Corporation’s (UCC) chemical leak in Bhopal, India share many similarities, namely: (1) Unsafe design; (2) Unsafe location; (3) Failure to report to official bodies; (4) Denial of the leak by the Corporation immediately after the incident; (5) Inadequate information available on the leaked chemical and on an appropriate response, and; (6) Government’s negligence in regulation.

December 3, 2013 - The 29th Anniversary of the Disaster

Today is the 29th Anniversary of the Bhopal Gas Disaster. As many of you know, over 500,000 people continue to be affected while 100,000 still require ongoing care for chronic health problems. Perhaps most tragic of all are the mutagenic effects of the gas exposure. Many children are born with crippling congenital malformations and developmental disabilities which rob them of their quality of life. Children born in Bhopal are 7 times more likely to be born with malformations than their counterparts throughout the rest of India.