Environmental Issues

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Add infotrmation on environemtnal issues that are ongoing in Bhopal. E.g. dirty water, amnesty/green peace reports

Polluted ground water is primary drinking water source
Polluted ground water is primary drinking water source
(Photo Credits: Bhopal.Org)
  • An electronic tour of the contamination in Bhopal.
    • A report detailing the history of extensive toxic contamination at Union Carbide’s Bhopal factory and its impact on local communities.
    • Bhopal water: a brief summary of the contamination (pdf)
    • Water survey: A ground water contamination survey taken in 2003 (pdf)
    • Chemical profiles of the contaminants found in a typical glass of Bhopal water.
    • Carbide dumping: chemicals dumped by Union Carbide in and around the factory site from 1969 to 1984.
    • Contamination brief: a 16-page overview of the contamination in Bhopal, Oct. 2005.
    • Technical guidelines, Johnston, R. S. a. P. Greenpeace Research Laboratories, 2002. Estimates the cost of a Bhopal cleanup at approximately $500 million (pdf)
    • Site remediation: detailed recommendations developed by an independent panel of analysts in late 2004 (doc)
    • Bhopal Legacy, a 1999 report by Greenpeace that summarizes research findings of toxic contaminations at the former Union Carbide factory site 15 years after the gas disaster (719 Kb pdf)
    • Chemical Stockpiles in Bhopal, a 2002 report by Greenpeace (2.4 MB pdf)
    • Surviving Bhopal 2002: Toxic Present, Toxic Future. A report by the Fact Finding Mission on Bhopal. Lead, mercury and organochlorines found in breast milk of local women (1.1 MB doc)