Background Material


25th Anniversary
Fact Sheet: What’s Happening 25 Years Later [pdf]
Dow Product List [page]

Congressional Sign on Letters
June 2009 - To Dow Chemical Company from 27 Members of Congress [pdf]
        news coverage: AFP: US lawmakers press Dow on Bhopal disaster
June 2008 - To Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from 16 Members of Congress [pdf]
March 2006 - to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh from 20 Members of Congress [pdf]

City and University Resolutions
Bloomington City Council Resolution - Dec 2009 [pdf]
Berkeley City Council Resolution - May 2009 [pdf]
Combridge Resolution - September 2006 [pdf]
Seattle City Resolution - November 2005 [pdf]
University of California at Berkeley - December 2004 [pdf]
San Francisco Resolution - December 2004 [pdf]