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Act for Bhopal

Are you ready to take action for Bhopal? These are a few ideas that should help get you started. Keep in mind that ideas are infinitely variable, and that you’re limited only by your own creativity. However everything you organize should fit into the campaign that you’ve already chosen. If not, you run the risk of being scattered and ineffective. No matter what you do, make sure you take photos and keep us updated!

Get Dow out of My School!

Is Dow at YOUR school? If so, perhaps it’s time that they were expelled! Dow has donated more than $60 million to colleges and universities across North America, and these colleges and universities, in turn, have invested nearly $120 million in Dow. Dow also spends tens of millions of dollars on research every year at schools across the country, and recruits the brightest minds these schools have to offer. Our institutions of learning are a central strategic, reputational, and financial interest to Dow. This raises two interesting points: