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11 April 2014 - Amnesty International's Get On The Bus Action

  • Posted on: 13 April 2014
  • By: SfB.Website
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More than 300 activists joined Amnesty International and Bhopali survivor-activist, Sanjay Verma in NYC to demand justice in Bhopal.

Amnesty International reiterates its call to the #UN Human Rights Council and relevant UN Special Procedures – particularly the Independent Expert on Human Rights and the Environment, the Working Group on business and human rights, and Special Rapporteurs on the right to health, safe drinking water and sanitation, and extreme poverty – to obtain effective remedy for those affected by the ongoing disaster. We urge the UN to break its silence on Bhopal and issue a public call for tangible action by stakeholders and to send representatives to Bhopal to investigate the situation of affected communities. We also ask that the UN support Amnesty International’s recommendations to the Government of India, Madhya Pradesh and the United States. Read Amnesty International’s full statement here. Above photo by Giles Clarke.

For World Water Day, ICJB asks UNEP to take action on the ongoing soil/groundwater contamination in Bhopal

  • Posted on: 23 March 2014
  • By: SfB.Website
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On the occasion of World Water Day, the International Campaign for Justice in Bhopal (ICJB) commends UN Water’s efforts to draw attention to the limited supply of freshwater in developing and emerging economies and its focus on “the bottom billion”. In this regard, we wish to bring to your notice the double standards of the Dow Chemical Company, which claims to be involved in global water sustainability, but refuses to clean-up the environmental pollution – and subsequent groundwater contamination – in Bhopal, India caused by the Union Carbide Corporation (UCC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical.

March 2014 LowDOWn

  • Posted on: 16 March 2014
  • By: SfB.Website
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Newsletter Contents:

1.  A message of solidarity from hacktivist, Jeremy Hammond

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1.  A message of solidarity from hacktivist, Jeremy Hammond!


On February 27th, 2012 WikiLeaks began to publish hundreds of e-mails that exposed DOW’s involvement with the global intelligence agency Stratfor. It became clear that DOW was spying on the Bhopal Campaign, but this came with a price, including the freedom of one brave man named Jeremy Hammond. 

Jeremy was at the forefront of using the information from Stratfor to expose DOW, and has since been sentenced to 10 years in prison. Hammond recently released a statement of solidarity to ICJB.


“Two years ago I hacked the intelligence company Stratfor and handed over all of their private email correspondence to WikiLeaks for publishing. Amongst the revelations was proof that Dow hired Stratfor to monitor the activities of Bhopal survivor activist groups.” Read full article here